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Technical Discovery

We access latest technologies and web marketing updates to better understand your business needs

Planning Tech Strategy

Our marketing team helps you craft the perfect digital strategy for searcha engines and social media

End-to-end Coding

We delived hybrid solutions while using the latest and legacy technologies side by side.

@Instant Websites

Developing a digital marketing strategy that connects your company to your customers. We deliver well crafted websites and marketing strategies to both small local business as well as national brands. Our graphics design team provides exceptional user experience to your customer an inspiring experience to all your website visitors and it is paired with our experienced development team that understands creativity and ease of access to help with the flow of information, throughout the entire website. And then, our marketing team will guide your targeted audience right in to your website. Got Questions? Thats a good thing, that’s how we will find the right solutions for your business.

Our Services

We at Instant Websites work towards finding new and innovative solutions to every problem to help
transform and revolutionize. Our wide arrays of services include:

Web- Design and development

We understand the importance of a good web presence for an enterprise and our services help you get closer to that dream website of your company by enhancing the experience and creating an interactive and innovative interface.

App designing

We help you redefine business by enhancing the overall mobility experience by innovating and elevating the definition of app usage to help you be ready for the next generation of technology.


Our services allow you to maximize the benefits of Search Engine Optimization to get your business booming. That coupled with our Social media marketing services helps you reach out and conquer the internet.

Graphic designing

Our team of experts is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life with the latest technology in online designing and high-tech software that helps you transform and reach your goals.

Infographics development

We help you develop eye catching infographics using advanced data analysis techniques to present the most relevant information, in an easily understandable design, to your customers.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing services allow you to create a strong online presence and capture and engage audiences.

Paid Ad campaigns

Our ad campaigns help bring the fuel to the fire that is your passion by giving you that required boost allowing you to connect with the right target audience without any hassle.

Brand development

Our branding services are committed to helping your business find and develop an identity of its own and to pursue its growth by nurturing your business along every step of the way.


success by Hybrid digital

We will walk with you, every step of the way.
All the way to your companies digital success.
But first lets us set some goals....


Explore with us

We at Instant Websites want nothing more than to innovate, create and solve, changing the world one business at a time. Our personalized services along with our dedication to customer satisfaction is a testament to that. Our team of dedicated experts works together to help our clients achieve the best that there is. Offering unique, innovative, and creative solutions since 2012, our vast customer expanse only continues to grow and we would love to have you on-board the Company instant website family.

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Here are some hybrid digital solutions that we have delivered to our clients. Tailor-made
and sustainable is a web solution that is what we believe in.


Our team of expert professionals
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We have a team of experienced professionals who are used to deliver tailor-made, sustainable,
and innovative digital solutions as per your business requirement.

Jont Herry

CEO Cronus Business

Jont Herry

CEO Cronus Business

Jont Herry

CEO Cronus Business

Marketing online75%
Deliver Business68%
Design Consultant85%
Feild Manager80%

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Jont kook

CEO lacinia faucibus risus

Instant Websites offers you with the most hybrid digital solutions that help you stay ahead from all your contemporaries.

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